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Thursday, January 23, 2014

XLRI : interview Experience 1


1.       XAT Interview Centre :              Mumbai
2.       Date of interview : 18/2/13
3.       Interview Stream: BM
4.       XAT Percentile (Overall): 91.7
5.       GK Score: 8
6.       Stream of Education: Engineering
7.       Work Experience: 1-2
8.       Brief Profile Description: Mechanical Engineer(University of Pune)
Worked in Tata Technologies Limited for 13 months

Extra curriculars - Published 2 papers, Done 3 internships (1 Marketing and 1 vehicle design), A national level award for paper presentation and 2 state level awards, Robotics level 1 and 2, Elementary and Intermediate level Hindi exams - High distinction.
9.       GD Topic: Topic: Shall India abolish death penalty ?

No fish market, everyone presented their own views and points and finally everyone was asked to summarize in 30 seconds
1.   Interview Experience: Stress Interview. I was a bit nervous already, they made me more, but I answered almost all the questions except a few .. Asked me about Rubik's cube and algorithms ( I had mentioned it in my hobbies).. A few questions on marketing which I answered well (I think) .. A question on e-government and a few out of the box questions like "Why does USA use left hand drive system and India uses right hand drive system?", "Differentiate between left side of your brain and right side of your brain". A few questions regarding my work .. After I finished, they asked me if I had some questions.

Overall, a very nice panel and a decent interview. :)

Best of luck to everyone .. You shall get in if you deserve :)


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