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Thursday, January 23, 2014



1.       XAT Interview Centre Bangalore
2.       Date of interview : 19/02/2013
3.       Interview Stream: BM
4.       XAT Percentile (Overall): 98.73
5.       GK Score: 2.8
6.       Stream of Education: Engineering
7.       Work Experience: 1-2
8.       Brief Profile Description: 
       Educational Profile
X : 87.8%
XII : 81.2%
Undergrad Major - : 81.45 (IPU,Delhi)
Any other professional certification or course undertaken: IP Certification,Ericsson
Work profile (if applicable) : Network Engineer
Organization : Ericsson Global India
Number of months :18
Sector/Industry : Telecom
Special achievements at work : Power Award,IP Certification

       GD Topic: Topic: Shall India abolish death penalty ?

No fish market, everyone presented their own views and points and finally everyone was asked to summarize in 30 seconds
1.   Interview Experience: Panelists Intro:
3 panelists all male profs..
Dont remember their names .. also faces are blurry so cant look them up

Some words about the panel and its general behavior/conduct:
Great panel. No stress at all, started my PI with a smile and finished it smiling .

PI Questions:
Q:Why did you start the GD?
A: Told it gives me confidence and I believe I did it nicely.
Q:What is your height?Does it give you confidence as well?
A:Yeah.. blah blah...
Q:Why did you bring up Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi party?
A:Told about anti-corruption the sole direction of the party...
Q:How will Kejriwal be as a PM?
A:Told will focus on Anti-corruption,Jan Lokpal Bill.. but too early to tell what other he has to offer.
Q:What are you currently reading in the news?
A:Chopper gate .. blah blah
Q: Oh you are from Telecom...
A: Yes sir
Q: So tell me about the motion of a snake and how it senses the surroundings ?
A: Told vibrations sensing etc..
Q:No draw the graph and show me ..
A: Drew an analog curve with an equation y=mx+c where c is ambient noise in environment,y is percieved vibrations by snake, m is distance of source , x is intensity of sound source..
Q: Ok ok,can Snakes see red colour?
A: I said snakes are colour blind sir and see in Grayscale...
A few questions on this more..
Q:What is TRAI?
A: Answered
Q:Its head?
A:Kapil Sibal (Dammit why did I say this)
Q: How did Telecom Boom in India?
A: told about license raj,PV Narasinha Rao and new and improved policies with FDI in telecom and reduction in price of spectrum..
Q: So which is the gravest threat to telecom market now?
A:Spectrum refarming,High price of spectrum... blah blah
Q: Ok Dhruv tell me why we shouldnt select you?
A: I talk too much at times(Not articulate) and am a little dominating..(they laugh)
Q: So what qualities a manager should have?
A:Blah blah...
Q: Ok Dhruv do you want to tell us anything lese than this?
A:Told about hobbies..

Ok Dhruv Thanks,
ME: May I ask a question sir?
Me: What does the logo of XLRI mean after redesign?
Them:Told something that its just a logo.. doesnt mean much

I thanked them and left.
Total duration = 20 mins
Chilled out panel with 1 prof very sweet and smiling,1 prof normal and 1 prof not smiling at all!

All in all a good experience

Result: Awaited.. though I dunno how they are judging.. ATB to others as well
Just remain calm and think before you answer..


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