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Saturday, November 30, 2013





Chebiyyan. V. B. Sankar



Educational Qualification*

(Degree and College)

B. Tech(Metallurgy) IIT – Madras

Work Experience(Years)*


Work Experience(Company)*

: Information refers to date in which candidate appeared for GDs/Interview.
Names of other MBA institutes where offered admission(if any)


Group Discussion
Case study – Case of dying fish – Zuari Agrochemicals

Number of Evaluators


Number of Participants


Time Duration

25 mins

Brief Description of the GD: (issues raised, whether noisy or quiet GD etc.)


There is a chemical factory(for fertilisers) in Goa set up with foreign collaboration, which is releasing waste to sea. The atmosphere is getting polluted and fish are dying. People of the region who are fishermen raise a lot of hue and cry about this. Other than killing fish, it is also contaminating the agricultural lands. Th State government supports the fishermen. However the central government feels that state should view the full country’s food situation and fertiliser requirements and not close down the plant. What are your views about the case?

GD :
Very cool GD.
Not a fish market at all.
There were 6 or 7 IITM participants – so, not very aggressive, everybody put forward points and linked them to reasons(perhaps because of this, from the group, 5 got through finally).
As it was an analytical case study, so anyone could talk and look at issues from different perspectives.

Evaluators were pretty cool – no interference from them – they were watching and standing in a circle.

Comments on your performance in the GD

I got a chance to speak whenever I wanted to.

Put forth 2-3 strong points which I made(e.g. for a foreign collaboration to shut down, it could send wrong signals to the whole investor community)

Spoke 4- 5 times., and was satisfied with my participation.
In IIM GDs, there is no need to dominate, as profs want active participation and aggressiveness is not required. Make sure when you speak, others are listening – also listen to the others points to be aggressive. It is important to listen clearly in the GD as it would help you summarize later.

Interview Process
Number of evaluators


Time duration

20 mins

Description of the Interview (Questions asked and your response) – please elaborate
Q: Draw an Iron Carbide(FeC) phase diagram.(since I am Metallurgical Engg, this is a usually asked question)

A: I was well prepared and could draw the same easily.

Q: what is stainless steel, what is their composition?

A: Answered correctly.
Q: Find a stainless steel object in this room.
A: Looked around the room – then showed them the watchbase which is made of stainless steel.
Q: (I had participated in the Maths Olympiad and represented A.P. which was mentioned in the biodata) They gave me a problem of differential calculus
A: I could solve it easily.
Q: Suppose a ladder is sliding down when it is leaning against a wall. What is the maximum area it will enclose during falling?
A: I was able to solve this using calculus- but the answer is really simple, greatest area enclosed is when the 2 sides(the wall and the bottom) in which ladder leans are the same. If length of ladder is "L" max. area enclosed would be : (L^2)/4)
Q: The second questioner asked me a very vague question about suns and stars which did not make any sense at all and was very abstract. Whatever I answered, he said no.(maybe he wanted to check out whether I am open to others points of views when I am not sure)
A: After sometime, I admitted that I did not really understand the question.
Q: (I read newspapers about politics – mentioned in Biodata) What is the performance of parties in AP?
Q: why is Chandrababu Naidu not doing well in the present elections(that was a couple of years ago)?
Q: Tell us about the Naxalite problem in the state.
A: Answered well
A: Would you like to have a look at my certificates?(I asked them this question for a change…)

Q: Yes – they took the certificates and glanced through them

Comments on your performance in the Interview

Fill up the form very well and carefully - the questions are asked about that.

The interviewers are not testing your analytical skills etc. I feel that they would like to know more about your communication skills.


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