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Saturday, November 30, 2013





Malavika Pillai



Educational Qualification*

(Degree and College)

B.A. (Hons) Economics,

Hansraj College, D.U.

Work Experience(Years)*


Work Experience(Company)*

: Information refers to date in which candidate appeared for GDs/Interview.
Names of other MBA institutes where offered admission(if any)

IIMs- B,C,L, I,K, FMS, SP Jain

Group Discussion

Case Study

Number of Evaluators


Number of Participants


Time Duration

12 mins

Brief Description of the GD: (issues raised, whether noisy or quiet GD etc.)


There is a textile company which has shifted to a new place. In the new place, when the company hired people from the companies which were already functioning there. These workers were not being treated well by the existing companies and are ready to join the relocated textile company.
However, the management of the existing companies have threatened to block the raw material supply if the relocated company poaches its workers.
What should the relocated company do? Should it ask the newly employed workers to go back? How should it recruit people?

GD Details :
Very quiet, possibly because most participants knew each other.

Quality seemed to be very high; the most talkative members did not get selected.

Comments on your performance in the GD

Okay, knowing fellow participants really helped.

Quality of points made is very important.
Before GD, introduce yourself to everybody and talk by name.

Interview Process
Number of evaluators


Time duration

10 mins

Description of the Interview (Questions asked and your response) – please elaborate

Q: What do you like about Delhi?

Q: What do you mean by Diamond Water paradox?
A: Answered correctly
Q: Gave me a cost function and asked to draw average and marginal cost.
A: Was able to answer
Q: Why do you not want to do a masters in economics?
A: I would like to apply economics and not to go more into theoretical aspects of the subject.
Q: It you got admission abroad, why do you not want to go?
A: I don’t have the money to do an MBA from the USA. Also, I have got admission into MS and I am not interested in that. I am more interested in doing an MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad.
Q: What is the difference between Padmabhushan and PadmaBibhushan?
A: Don’t know.
Q: What are your parents’ occupations?
Q: What is your favourite subject?

A: Development Economics.
Q: How much do you know about the rural sector in India?

Q: What about the diary sector?

A: India is the largest producer of diary products in the world.
Q: What do you know about the productivity of Indian cows?
A: It is pretty low.
Q: What do you know about Ahmedabad other than IIMA?
A: NIIT, SIFT, Malaika Sarabai
Q: Why not IIM-Indore?

A: Indore is an excellent place and even faculty from IIMA have gone to IIM-Indore. But the infrastructure is not good as yet.

Comments on your performance in the Interview

I was very tense – so messed up some very easy questions. But they seemed to realise it, and did not pressurise me at all.

The interviewers were usually with expressionless faces and did not show much interest in the selection procedure.
It is very important that you know about IIM-Ahmedabad. Do check out their web-site.


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