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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Essay : Domestic-Violence

Statistics you can use while writing Essay:

- One in five adolescent girls will experience a form of sexual or physical violence in her lifetime, according to the journal or American Medical Association. 

- In the US, a woman is abused every nine seconds.

- The AMA and the FBI estimate that 4 million women are abused every year.

- Family violence kills as many women every five years as the total number of Americans killed in the Vietnam War – 54000 men and women.

- Approximately 50% of all homeless women and children in the US are fleeing from domestic violence.

- Child witnesses of domestic violence are victims of child abuse at a rate 1500% higher than the national average.

- Ina 36 month study of 147 children, ages 11 to 17, from homes where wife beating was a major problem, all sons over the age of 14 attempted to protect their mothers and 62% were injured in the process.

- 63% of young men between the ages of 11 and 20 who are serving time for homicide have killed their mother’s abuser
Domestic violence is about control. Abusers use the power they have, social and or physical, to establish control within an intimate relationship, They use a pattern of behaviours to intimidate, manipulate, and physically violate their partners. Abusing is a choice and solely the responsibility of the abuser. Most people have a difficult time thinking of abusing as a choice, and describe abusers as ‘losing it’. But try to remember how we all make decisions to meet our own needs. We identify what we want and all the possible ways we can accomplish our goal. We decide how to reach our goals based on what we believe is OK or what we are willing to do. Abusing is no different. Women continually describe how their partners go from one tactic to another when they want something. Some abusers will go as far as emotional abuse, isolation, or intimidation. Some will choose to control economic resources or threaten physical harm to the victim, her children or loved ones. Some ultimately choose violence to get what they want, and the underlying threat of physical violence affects the every aspect of a relationship. Whatever the tactics if you are forced to make decisions on how your partner may hurt you physically or emotionally, your partner has behaved inappropriately; and when violence is used, they have acted criminally. Using violence and/or other controlling behaviours is not acceptable. No one deserves to be abused


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