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Saturday, January 25, 2014



1.       XAT Interview Centre Mumbai
2.       Date of interview : 24/02/13
3.       Interview Stream: BM
4.       XAT Percentile (Overall): 99.69
5.       GK Score: 8.67
6.       Stream of Education: Engineering
7.       Work Experience: 2-3
8.       Brief Profile Description: 
  IT,28 mnths.

 GD Topic: Topic: Should there be any relaxation in the subsidies in the agriculture sector.

was a healthy fish market.
1.   Interview Experience: About the panel
Panelists Intro: Mr. Apalak Khatua(AK), Mr. Ashis Pani(AP) and Mr. Prantik Ray(PR)
Some words about the panel and its general behavior/conduct:
AK - My university alum..was cool
AP - Good.Was staring at me all the time.Was there solely to judge ur body language.
PR - Asked questions at the speed of an amoeba.
PI Questions:

1> Where do u stay?
2>Tell me the name by which ur college was known as?
3>Why are manholes round?
4>Tell me about some industries in ur belt?
5>Future of jute industry.
6>Which industry has replaced jute industry?
7>Name the three most importamt things u hv learned during ur engineering?
8>What is a SEZ?
9>Name some SEZs.What are its advantages and disadvantages?
10>Are u superstitious?
11>3 reasons we shud select explicitly told that plz don mention commitment,hard wroking etc...we have been hearin this for past many days.

12>1 reason we shud not select u.

Thank you!
u may leave now.A: I said snakes are colour blind sir and see in Grayscale...
A few questions on this more..
Q:What is TRAI?
A: Answered
Q:Its head?
A:Kapil Sibal (Dammit why did I say this)
Q: How did Telecom Boom in India?
A: told about license raj,PV Narasinha Rao and new and improved policies with FDI in telecom and reduction in price of spectrum..
Q: So which is the gravest threat to telecom market now?
A:Spectrum refarming,High price of spectrum... blah blah
Q: Ok Dhruv tell me why we shouldnt select you?
A: I talk too much at times(Not articulate) and am a little dominating..(they laugh)
Q: So what qualities a manager should have?
A:Blah blah...
Q: Ok Dhruv do you want to tell us anything lese than this?
A:Told about hobbies..

Ok Dhruv Thanks,
ME: May I ask a question sir?
Me: What does the logo of XLRI mean after redesign?
Them:Told something that its just a logo.. doesnt mean much

I thanked them and left.
Total duration = 20 mins
Chilled out panel with 1 prof very sweet and smiling,1 prof normal and 1 prof not smiling at all!

All in all a good experience

Result: Awaited.. though I dunno how they are judging.. ATB to others as well
Just remain calm and think before you answer..


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