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Saturday, January 25, 2014



1.       XAT Interview Centre Bangalore
2.       Date of interview : 24/02/13
3.       Interview Stream: BM
4.       XAT Percentile (Overall): 98.26
5.       GK Score: 6.33
6.       Stream of Education: Engineering
7.       Work Experience: 2-3
8.       Brief Profile Description: 
  Educational Profile
X: 89.33
Undergrad Major - GPA: 6.99 Btech CSE

Work profile
Number of months :24
Sector/Industry :IT

 GD Topic: Topic: Human Rights in Western Countries is a myth!
Number of participants: 12
Duration: 15 mins
Brief snapshot of discussion:

Everyone pitched in and it was a good GD. I had some valid points in the discussion.

At the end, everyone was asked to summarize the discussion in 3 sentences!!
1.   Interview Experience: Panelists Intro:Three People, lets name them P1, P2, P3.They were more or less of the same age group..They were all cordial, except P2who kept quiet for most of the interview

PI Questions:

P1: So, tell me about the current company you work
Me: Answered about what our company is, what we do and what my role is

P1: What is a pvt. Limited company?
Me: Sir, its a company owned by a handful of people. Our company is owned by 2 people.

P1: How many people can own a pvt ltd company
Me: Sir, I m not sure, but I think its in the range of 1 to 5( which, I later found out, is a big blunder)

P1: Can a private ltd company issue preference shares?
Me: Sir, I dunno what preference shares are, but a private ltd company can issue shares after intimating and getting the permission from SEBI

P1: What is SEBI?
Me: Sir, its Securities and Exchange Board of India. It monitors all the public companies

P1: Only public companies?
Me: Yes sir, I think so

P1: What are listed companies?
Me: Sir, Listed companies are those that are listed either in BSE or NSE

P1: Whats the difference between those two
Me: Sir, NSE is National Stock Exchange, located in Delhi and BSE is Bombay Stock Exchange in Mumbai. And they have different indices with NSE considering 50 companies and BSE 30.

P3: ok
P1: So, you have talked about Drug lords in Mexico. What is that?
Me: (Prepared this while waiting for the interview) Sir, Mexico is facing a big problem with drug lords who are criminal organizations fighting against each other for gaining positions and many civilians are being killed in the process. And, the government, to reduce drug trafficking, has given lot of powers to military and the military is using them for inhuman activities like torturing etc..So , Mexico is facing a big human rights violation challenge.

P1: ok, What about Colombia?
Me: Sir, I dunno about the details but Colombia is also facing the problems of drug trafficking

P1: Ok, why do you think this is happening only in these two countries?
Me: Sir, its not just these two countries sir, there are a lot others. But, why it is huge in Mexico is because Mexico is right below US and hence it has huge opportunities to transport drugs over to US illegally.

P1: So, what should US do?
Me: They must strengthen the border security, tighten their drug policies and help these countries with manpower

P1: No, what must US do in their country to reduce this problem?
Me: I guess, they can provide better facilities to treat drug addiction. And as this addiction falls, demand for drugs comes down and hence the problem might lessen.

P1: Ok..(and looks at the other members)
P3: So, which branch are you from
Me: CSE sir

P1: So, why do you want to do MBA
Me(I had to ask the question again as I couldnt understand him the first time): Told ..
and they looked convinced to me!!

P3: So, you said "Human rights is obviously a myth"
Me: Yes sir, but what I actually wanted to say was "Human rights is in fact a myth"

P3: Thats correct. So why do you think so
Me: I tried to explain something saying that its related to a nation

P3: Are you sure that human rights is related to a nation, or is it individual?
Me: I m not sure sir

P3: What are Human rights?
Me: Its a set of basic rights through which a human can lead a decent life

P3: there you go
Me: (realizing) Yes sir, Human rights is related to the individual

P3: Ok, then
Me: And human rights can never be completely implemented. If we consider US after 9/11, their retaliation against Afghanistan and later Iraq are seen as good by americans, but these countries have suffered a lot sir

P3: Tell me a situation where human rights are violated in Afghanistan
Me: There are many cases where Americans tortured Afghanistan prisoners and there was a recent news where a picture was printed

P3: U think Osama Bin Laden violated Human rights
Me: Obviously sir, he has bombed numerous people for no proper reason and that itself is a direct violation of human rights

P3: What about Saddam? Did he violate any human rights when he captured Kuwait?
Me: Sorry sir, but I have not much idea about Saddam capturing Kuwait

P3 then cracks a joke about Saddam and all laugh

Me: Sir, I dunno about Kuwait, but in general, he was responsible for torturing of many people in Iraq and so he also violated human rights. Also, he was responsible for mass deaths too

P3: Yes, mass murders..true

P2: What other exams did you give
Me: Told

P2: What calls you got from them
Me: Told

P2: So, how did you prepare for your interview?
Me: Said that I have attended a few mock interviews

P2: They asked all these questions?
Me: No sir, just the basic questions like "why mba" and all

P2: And you have answered them all to us now
Everybody smile

They looked at each other and signal its over

I thanked them all and left!


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