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Saturday, January 25, 2014



1.       XAT Interview Centre Bangalore
2.       Date of interview : 26/02/13
3.       Interview Stream: BM
4.       XAT Percentile (Overall): 97.25
5.       GK Score: 6.67
6.       Stream of Education: Engineering
7.       Work Experience: '1-2
8.       Brief Profile Description: 
  10th: 86.3
B.E: CGPA 8.99/10
Work Ex: 18 months.
 GD Topic: Indian Population - Is it a boon or bane?
Number of people: 11
Summary of discussion: Not a peaceful GD, sometimes tending towards a fish market. Everyone got an opportunity to speak. Everyone asked to summarize in 2-3 sentences.

1.   Interview Experience: P1:
1. Asked me about the GD, what we as a group could have done better
2. Asked me to elaborate on the points I contributed.
3. What is a fuse and what is a filament?
4. Draw a basic electrical and electronic circuit.

5. Asked me to pick one among sports, news and politics. (I picked sports)
6. The no.1 ranked women's and men's tennis players.
7. What happened at Nadal's comeback tournament?
8. Why is Venus Williams ranked so low?
9. Would you pick BM or HRM if you get both?

1. What did you think of the railway budget?
2. Some people say it's not a populist budget, what do you think?
3. What is GDP?
4. What is repo rate and reverse repo rate? How does it impact growth?
5. What is Nifty and Sensex?

1. Asked me about work experience and my role.
2. Switches over to Geography - What are the 7 sister states?
3. Tell me the capital of any three of them.
4. What was the capital of Assam before Dispur?
5. Where do you find dolphins in India?
6. Which is the highest lake in India? (Said Dal lake, but found out later that it's not )
7. Which is a lake which has brackish water?

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