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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Who told you that OPT is being cancelled? No one in their right mind is going to cancel an OPT extension, when it has just been extended an year ago from 29 months to 36 months. And that decision took a lot of time to get passed. I remind everyone again, Trump wants to stop H1B workers coming from India directly, not us people. Even if he wanted to do that, once he took that decision, whole economy in US would collapse. And in that case, studying in US would be pointless not because of the reason that none is going to recruit you, but because all businesses would go bankrupt. We knew the risk of Trump winning the election and still came here. The guy is a dickhead and maniac, i dont deny that. But he is a businessman as well and knows what to exploit and where to capitalize on. He built his own empire with the help of Asian labor. He is sensible enough to know that we take less wages than the domestic Americans and do double work than them. He certainly knows how to use us. And as for people panicking and freaking out that he is banning people from countries and stating example of Muslim ban from Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, egypt etc, a federal judge just gave an order that Trump could take no such decision and its against the constitution. In simple words, its a dictatorial decision and America is a democratic system. For gods sake, there has to be an official bill which needs to be passed for this in the senate and all. How can a President bypass all that and just pass an order? If he did so, he would be called a dictator. The legality of the order will be investigated.

 He is such a genius that he chose 7 muslim countries which would have no effect on the Trump business empire whatsoever. So he is a shrewd businessman who wouldnt let the economy down. And if there is any industry which is to benefit from all this, its the Construction industry.

People need to understand the only modification Trump is trying to do is put a minimum salary wage for H1B visas, and this was even tried by Obama in his reign too and was rejected. Fucking Obama got this decision rejected. I would doubt if Trump would get it passed in the senate. Its even been stated that among the H1b hires, priority would be given to the Foreign students studying in US, after the domestic Americans. They are completely trying to smash the outsourcing system of US, where americans recruit Indians directly from India and bring them to US on H1B.

Right now, Everyone is going berserk and panicking seeing posts of some people saying not to come to US and that Trump is going to not let Indian students also enter USA. People, dont get carried away by rumors and half knowledge. I can show you hundreds of posts which said Rahul Gandhi would win the recent India elections and some are still deluded and confident that he would win in the upcoming one. Will their words be enough to let it happen? No. So dont spread news unless until you talk to seniors and get all myths busted and all misconceptions corrected. I understand that you may have a lots of doubts about this, but the way you are asking in a group about this spreads like rapid fire among all applicants and others are actually thinking that all this is true.

Trump wants to stop outsourcing of labor and wants the American companies to hire inside the country. Trump himself said that he wants to hire American citizens and those legally in US for cheaper labor. So the solution he brought is the cap limit of H1B wages which would force the companies to outsource labor. This led everyone to believe that he doesn't want anyone from India, when that was not what his actual intention was.

He is addressing the fact about how strict are the rules for F1 students but not for the illegal immigrants. This one is in favor of us, and he doesn't want the science & technology leave this country and being invested in non-American companies.Here are his words:

"foreign students come over to our colleges, learn everything there is to learn about physics, finance, mathematics, and computers, and graduate with honors. They would love to stay in this country, but we don't allow them to. We immediately ship them back to their country to use all of the knowledge they learned at the best colleges in the United States back in their country rather than keep it here in ours. Wouldn't it be better if we invited foreign student graduating from our colleges to stay to build American companies, instead of foreign companies that will be wreaking havoc against Boeing, Caterpillar, and many other of our great American companies in the future?"
With greater investment in infrastructure promised by Trump, openings would increase for Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineers in the US. This would benefit both F1 and H1 seekers. The latter because, unlike in IT, this comes under  -available talent.

Let’s not forget, Trump has also stated his agenda to promote more students coming to US for higher education. “Attracting brains” – his words! Thus, F1 visa process would be facilitated.

With China being one of the focus countries to fight against (US has a huge trade deficit against China, and Trump has been critical of China’s policies – both in currency market and in the trade), India would indirectly benefit, for opportunities would shift from Chinese to Indians.

"You know, they go to Harvard, they are first in their class and they're from India they go back to India and they set up companies and they make a fortune and they employ lots of people and all of that," Trump said.

"Many people want to stay in this country and then want to do that. I think somebody that goes through years of college in this country we shouldn't kick them out the day they graduate, which we do," he added.

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