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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Essay:21st Century War on Terror

Under reaction and conservatives are equally responsible for today’s crisis. During President Reagan’s time in office he made the fatal mistake of not retaliating after 241 U.S. marines were slaughtered in Lebanon; he did worse. “Holding that Islamic guerillas were our main allies because of the fight against the soviets, he poured money and our expertise in training the Taliban. Thus making terrorists. Our turn soon came.” Leonard Piekoff states.

If we did not enforce strong military action against Middle Eastern terrorism, terrorists could overtake and conquer weaker Middle Eastern states: Yemen and potentially Saudi Arabia. This would lead to a worse case scenario. Soon terrorists would control a significant portion of the Middle Eastern oil supply. This would put a strangle hold on worldwide distribution of oil from the Middle East. This would make them stronger by holding us captive to the already rising anti-American terrorist groups, and us much weaker.

It is also very necessary to increase military might against terrorism to stay strong; if we did not retaliate we would look weak, pathetic, and scared to the rest of the world. The U.S. is the super power of the world, the act on September 11 has brought each and every American together making us stronger than any other state or country. Without retaliation it would undoubtedly give rise to other terrorist states: North Korea, Iran, and Iraq the” axis of evil”

One Libertarian group claims that non-military response to the 9-11 tragedy can help cure the disease of terrorism rather than just its symptoms. These permissive people want to put money into International Humanitarian Aid, worldwide public education, and nutrition of starving peoples. They think that would create an environment inhospitable to terrorism and its roots. In reality this is a new breed of terrorists. They are faceless people carefully programmed to destroy their enemy at all costs. They are obviously educated, well trained, blindly obedient to authority, and with few possessions and nothing to lose except sacrificing their lives for a higher cause it seems impractical to underestimate the power of this new enemy by helping them again.

Although action in Afghanistan does not ensure the American way of life we must seek the leaders of these terrorist groups to assure that this will not happen again and because there will be resistance our soldiers must fight to win back our freedom. Some soldiers may die ensuring our freedom and I mourn for those soldiers that gave their life for you and I but they are combat trained and ready for war unlike the surprise attack on September 11 where thousands of civilians were not ready.

Military action against terrorism is the only way that we will be able to keep living the American Dream. Freedom is what every American has and not one of us wants to lose that. The “war on terrorism” is being fought and will continue to ensure our way of life will last forever.


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