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Monday, December 2, 2013

Man does not work for bread alone

Man does not work for bread alone
Those in favour say attainment of knowledge should be the major goal of the human race which differentiates it from other creatures while those against say food is the most basic requirement. Let’s hear both sides and form our own opinions.
  • It is only because man is superior to all other animals in this world that his mental and spiritual qualities occupy a pride of place as against mere physical qualities that he has with other creatures.
  • It is the satisfaction of his intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs that imparts any meaning to a man’s life. His ambitions and a will to be famous drive him to adventure and discoveries. This ultimately kindles a passion for power in him—a primordial instinct that has led to the establishment of great kingdoms and empires.
  • The beautiful art pieces, architectural marvels, soul stirring melodies, awe-inspiring scientific discoveries and all the joys and comforts of modern living were made possible because of the basic urge in man to follow intellectual pursuits. Devoid of this urge, man would become a mere animal—without any charm in life, leading a monotonous life.
  • Were mere physical strength the sole criterion for a man’s status, he would not be constantly striving for further improving his quality of life in all aspects. It is his intellectual contribution to society that is evaluated and respected by others. Therefore, he has brought about an incentive-oriented society where he is suitably awarded for his performances in diverse fields of human knowledge and endeavour was such as literature, science, economics, culture, sports, films entertainment, etc. Thus, we find that bread alone is not motivating factor for a man’s multifarious undertakings.
  • Man can forgo even his bread for higher purposes of life. He is known to have resorted to hunger strikes as a form of agitation and protest. He would willingly embrace death through starvation but not give up his ideology or freedom of action. Scientists, philosophers and saints do not much bother about food when set upon their goals.
  • All food and no love or entertainment will turn a child into a negative personality—without mental or athletic development. Society is not run or maintained by such lifeless souls. It instead comprises people bubbling with enthusiasm, culture and creativity.
  • The very survival of man on Earth depends upon food. Unless and until this basic necessity is fulfilled, a man cannot think of any thing else. It has been scientifically proved now that it is the type of food one eats that determines one’s quality or temperament. We can get better food only if we have better capability and resources. Therefore, the primary aim of our work is to earn food—of better quality—not for mere subsistence but for upliftment.
  • Food is so basic to us that it is used as a weapon in war against enemies or hostile regions. If their food supplies are cut off, they are left with no option but to surrender.
  • All art, music, games, sports, etc. have any meaning for the well-off only whose bellies are full, and, therefore, they can indulge in such pursuits. But a vast majority, particularly in a poor country like ours, which does not get even two square meals a day, cannot dream of such indulgences. If we accept that man does not work for bread alone, we must admit that he can neither survive by working for intellectual or spiritual satisfaction alone.
  • Even without facilities for intellectual pursuits, an intellectual can survive. Inspite of his physical comforts being reduced to zero, he can still somehow be alive. But withdraw his food and first his mental faculties will cease to function and ultimately he will lose his life. Thus, we find that it is bread alone that sustains us physically, mentally and spiritually, and must, therefore, he given priority over other things.
  • Food is the sole purpose of work in a poor country like ours. Unlike developed countries where people don’t have to worry about basic necessities of life, we have not reached a stage of human development where we can devote time to intellectual pursuits. Time spent in such activities is unproductive.
  • Neglect of food has a negative impact on human health. An ill-fed person is unlikely to have the mental ability to give expression to his creative instincts. On the other hand a well-fed population will have the physical strength to produce more food to make our country self-sufficient in foodgrain production.


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