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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Brand watch :Eveready: The power of red

Eveready: The power of red
In a segment that wasn’t exactly known for dashing brands, Eveready became a game changer on the back of its sustained brand building efforts, a strength it now is leveraging to diversify.
Market leader
Eveready India Limited (EIL) was set up in 1905. It has been a glorious century where the flagship brand has gone from strength to strength. After the initial dry cell batteries were imported from the United States, the first plant in India was set up in 1939 at Kolkata and another in 1952 at Chennai. EIL then forayed into flashlights in 1958 with a factory in Lucknow. Commanding close to 45 per cent market share in the dry cell segment as revealed by AC Nielsen survey in 2009-2010, the brand is a leader in the Indian market. Eveready’s distribution betters probably anyone’s in the FMCG category. From departmental stores to paan and cigarette shops across the country, it is to be found. Powered by great products and quality campaigns, Eveready has always managed to be at the very top for years.
Eveready’s strength is the result of a continuous and well-orchestrated brand development strategy that maximises the value from each consumer touch point.
Product portfolio
Innovative products at reasonable prices are what have made Eveready a brand that has touched the lives of millions of Indians.
Eveready has a portfolio comprising dry cell batteries (carbon zinc batteries, rechargeable batteries and alkaline batteries), flashlights (torches), CFLs and packet tea (Tez).  Recently it has also forayed into the mosquito repellant business with Poweron brand.
Eveready should no longer be considered just a battery maker. In fact the company’s new mantra is “to light up people’s lives”. The lighting solutions focus on the light emitting diode (LED) technology-based lamp which is being touted as the next big thing. The new Eveready digiLED Lantern is an example. These lanterns bring to you the convenience of keeping your home lit up even when there’s a power cut. Alternatively, the digiLED lanterns can be a welcome device for all those who have no access to power and need other sources of light.
Brand communication
‘Give me red’. These three iconic words for a whole generation of Indians brought up in the 90’s meant only one thing – Eveready.
Great distribution network spread across the length and breadth of the country, quality products at reasonable prices and its incessant brand development processes have ensured the best consumer solution for the brand. Van campaigns have been in existence for long but it is Eveready that has taken it as a serious tool to market itself, especially in the rural parts of India. A big chunk of Eveready’s success comes from its armada of sales cum promotional vans – 1,000 exclusive vans servicing retailers across the country. Signing of star Akshay Kumar as brand ambassador has boosted the already high brand recognition even further.
The continuous leadership status of the brand owes much to the consistent brand building efforts that have always kept the brand relevant to the urban and semi-rural consumers, the genesis of which was the multiple award winning ‘Give me Red’ campaign. The original, path-breaking campaign won as many as 11 advertising awards. Eveready’s new logo is forward-looking, contemporary and dynamic. The tag line, ‘Next Century of Power’, says a thousand things about the brand. Eveready and Give me Red have become synonyms with the image of power and endurance. Its batteries, flashlights and various other products touch every Indian’s life in one way or the other.
The brand signifies quality with affordability. Eveready’s incredible power of reaching out to most Indians has made them one of the most powerful and enduring FMCG brands in the country. It has powered India for years and with constant innovations and creative advertising campaigns making it the brand leader in its category.


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